Your Host-Julie Dreier

I am a 15 year seasoned design professional, branding strategist and successful serial entrepreneur.

My podcast features real talk and candid episodes about the hurdles of new entrepreneurship and how to make the most of your journey.

Listen in as I interview other successful entrepreneurs about how they made it to the top of their industry and what they learned along the way.

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Season Two

START DATE : 06-22-2018


This season focuses on inspirational interviews with successful people that motivates the listener in their own entrepreneurial journey and the roads that lie ahead.

Season Two

01. “The Pad Guy”
—Special Guest Larry Griffin

02. Pretty City Social Media Company
—Special Guest Carolyn Brundage

03. The Luxe Collective Fashion Designer
—Special Guest Caroline Matthews

04. Social Media Influencer & Course Creator
—Special Guest Kylie Francis

05. Sales Expert Turned Business Coach
—Special Guest Ryan Dowdy

06. Daring Women Magazine Creator
—Special Guest Tracey Osborne



START DATE : 12-08-2017

This season focuses on jumping in there and getting shit done. No whining, no excuses, just hard core beast mode.

Season One

01. Finding Your Niche & Accepting Your Destiny

02. Making it in the Music Industry
—Special Guest Dani Felt

03. The Freelancing Stigma & Cookie Cutter Coaches
—Special Guest Samantha St. Marie

04. Marketing Techniques & Why Pitching Sucks
—Special Guest Sarah Luce

05. Remote Speaker Coach & Entrepreneur
—Special Guest Danielle Krage

06. Turning Tragedy Into Healing Through Nonprofit
—Special Guest Shayla

07. Making it in the Film Production Business
—Special Guest Maria Servellon


Tips, Tricks & Mythbusters


Various tips and tricks that will help you get quick answers. Candid, as usual, including myth-busting techniques to ease the fears of new entrpreneurship.

Tips, Tricks & Mythbusters

01. Please don’t LIVE & DRIVE

02. On Branding

03. Proposal Cautions

04. Mythbuster -You Need a Lot of $$ to Start a Business

05. Mythbuster -You Can’t Have it All

06. Mythbuster -Sleezy Advertizing is OK

07. Asking For Money

08. BIF to BFF